About Us

​Those Nuts! are produced by Kitchen 28, LLC, a family-created and owned business. We are located in the woods between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, in Holden Louisiana.

Those Nuts! are a little sweet and a little salty and have just the right crunch. Consumers describe them as “Delicious!” and even “Addictive!” Kitchen 28 uses the highest quality ingredients: Our pecans come from a Louisiana family-owned pecan business in Point Coupee Parish that shells, cleans and distributes pecans from their orchard and from those of other farmers.  

Since the 16th century pecans have added a unique flavor to all types of dishes. More importantly, pecans can be a valuable source of vitamins and minerals and are loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants.

Those Nuts! add great flavor to salads, yogurt, main dishes and desserts—just to name a few of the infinite suggestions. However, Those Nuts! are a great snack on their own.  

If Those Nuts! you purchase are authentic, Gracie Louise Nutt will appear on the package.  “Who is Gracie Louise Nutt?” you ask. Her friends just call her “Gracie” and she is the primary spokesperson for Those Nuts! Gracie has her own Facebook page, which she will use to keep you informed about new products and entries into new markets – and sometimes just to let you know of her adventures.

When we began thinking about a logo for Those Nuts!, I wanted it to be fun, eye-catching and have a “personality”. I contacted my longtime friend and local artist, Lesley Nash, to discuss my vision. Over a few beers one afternoon on Freret Street in New Orleans, Gracie was created. Gracie is a true New Orleanian – she loves to dress up in costume fitting the occasion, and party. And, if you know New Orleans, you know that every day is an occasion to dress up and party.

Like Those Nuts!, Gracie is a little sweet and a little salty. And, she is full of fun. She encourages you to try a package of Those Nuts! Once you try them, Gracie is sure that you will want “just one more bite”!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will try Those Nuts!


Melody Pate